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I happen to be a mother of a child with the diagnosis ADD/ADHD. My child is also a 5th grade male. As yourself , I want my child to be happy , make good friends, and experience success in life and the classroom. My experience in the workplace is also 19 years teaching in public school system in Kansas. My background is half of the time teaching kindergarten and half time teaching second grade. I feel giving you my history will help explain my background and hopefully my response to this teacher’s style of discipline response.
First of all, if your child is diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and you do not have either a 504 or I.E.P. plan for your child this may be something you wish to request to protect him more from this type of educator. My child has a 504 plan and this gives you an opportunity to legally require his teacher to make decisions including his parents in how things run in the classroom to intervene on your child’s behalf. My suggestion, is to put in writing to the principal that you would like to give them your child’s medical diagnosis and request for either a 504 plan if he does not already have one. Also let the principal know you have concerns on your child’s self esteem with the classroom isolation discipline practice.
One thing I requested was one break a day for my child when he was younger. Our building has peace corners in every room.(bean bag with sand timer for 5 min.). This is one of many options we offer our students. Also order an ADD/ADHD advocacy shirt online like I did and wear it to your meeting so they understand you are present to advocate for the success of the little love of your life. has some articles you can look over for suggestions.
If you already have either a 504 or I.E.P.; Request a meeting with the principal, school counselor, and school psych. to share your concern for changes to be made to his current plan to better support your child and stipulate for a break if need be during the day.