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Our son is in 6 th grade and we struggle every day. We asked the same question…he is in a public school as well.
They must provide services to your son but if they cannot provide what he needs there then they can send him to a school that is better equipped to handle his behavior. Smaller classes, teachers who are all special ed trained, more breaks, some even offer medical staff- psychiatrists, OT and support for him.

With that being said I assume you have an IEP? We just had a re-evaluation and were able to pull him out of the big classes and into 1:1 setting or small group. He has more support and are doing everything they can to help him.

A huge change came when we gave him medication not just for ADHD but for anxiety ( which was off the charts) to help him cope. You need a very good therapist/psychiatrist to help.
We have also gotten him educational testing, neuropsych testing, learning disabilities testing (found out he was unable to write and struggles reading). They should also do a BIP ( Behavior intervention plan) so they see certain behaviors and everyone know what they need to do when it occurs).
In hindsight, instead of struggling with a regular school with 1 special ed teacher, he would have been better at a special ed school where a team of special ed fold could support him and help him rather than trying to make him “fit” into the normal school routine and expectations. Good luck.