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I had many of these types of problems while my son was in school. However, he was not usually facing the wall. Due to sound effects he would make (humming, singing, making noises while tapping his pencil) his group mates would constantly complain. Eventually he had to be moved into a group by himself against the teacher’s desk.
She was a very kind and understanding teacher but wasn’t able to accommodate his general noise. He is like a living frat party unmedicated, and for a couple months due to medication changes and weight-loss he had to be off meds. As a teacher myself I think the entire class needs to be taught in a more kinestetic and wiggle/noise friendly way, but my personality (I also have ADHD) is the filter through which I teach, as is a more gentle person’s personality. I remember his report card saying he needed to improve his group work, to which I asked “How can he get better at groupwork while sitting alone against your desk when everyone else is in groups?”

Eventually my son asked to be homeschooled. I am blessed to have been able to quit my job and homeschool him full-time. We have been doing that for three years now and he does so much better. We still have weekly gym class and field trips with a large group of other homeschool students he knows. He isn’t as distracted, overwhelmed, emotionally reactive, nor does he have 2 hours of homework.

I truly hope you find a solution that works best for your child. Often the teachers are trying their best to accommodate and teach 20-30 different learning styles, behaviors etc.