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First off, I’m sorry that you are dealing with this. As the parent of an ADHD son who’s desk was also moved away from the group and facing the wall while he was in elementary school, I understand how devastating this can feel.

I learned about the position of my son’s desk when visiting his classroom for parent orientation night (which took place about a month after the school year started.) I was shocked to say the least but didn’t share my grievances with the teacher at that time. I decided first to talk to my son about it and to check in to see how he felt. I assumed he would say he hated sitting away from the group but much to my surprise that was not the case. When asked about it, he said: “ I love my desk being away from everyone. Now I don’t talk to everyone and I actually get my work done. And I don’t get in trouble now because I’m not talking to other people and I’m getting my work done.”

This completely “humbled” the mama bear in me that was ready to tell the teacher that I emphatically disagreed with her tactics. What I learned that day is that my son may know what he needs more than me or any teacher so I need to always check in first with him before supporting or being disapproving of teachers’ classroom management techniques.

Just thought I’d share because I had a similar story, but with my story’s ending was a surprise (at least to me). We allowed our son to sit where he felt he could do his best work. I asked him if he thought he might like his desk better if it was away from the group but facing the board and he said yes. So we made that change and let him know that he could move his desk to be closer to the group anytime he wanted. I think our story is a good example of how teachers, parents, and students can (or at should make the attempt to) work together. Then go from there…