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I was on Teva 10mg, 4 a day, sublingual (the only way I can take it with any predictability and best bio-availability), for 30 days. Did well. In school for 8 weeks, 97 GPA, CDL Class A. Plus working long hours.
Then due to insurance change about 4 days ago went with 20mg (cheaper) and split them, but the new ones are Northstar. Not the same for me. First, the Teva were blue and oval, and the Northstar is round, off-white and round. Teva split fine but even with a splitter the Northstar just seem to crumble.

I would say even though I feel some stimulant effect I feel just blah, dull, not energized. I do not think for whatever reason, they work as well for me, so I am going to see if CVS can get the Teva.