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Jillian Jiggs

I have a big calendar hung up in the kitchen, and it has everyone in the family’s appointments on it. If it’s not on the calendar, it doesn’t exist. I don’t do well with electronic calendars, like Google calendar… it’s just out of sight, out of mind for me.

A year and a half ago, when I started to suspect I had ADHD, I came across the youtube channel “How to ADHD” and her description of the Bullet Journal was so compelling that I tried it. I’m still using it!!! That’s huge. I have never been able to stick to a system this long before. I keep it with me always and call it my brain. So, my mantra is “Wallet, Phone, Keys, Brain” when I leave the house.

For me, it was such a relief because I had drifts of paper everywhere, with lists of this and that, and a note about some plan for the summer, and here was a quote I liked, and there was a dentist appointment card I definitely didn’t want to lose. It was a mess, and extremely clutter-y. Now instead of grabbing a random piece of paper and writing on it, I always write in my Brain. And this gives me a good chance of finding it again, yay!

The solution that you need will probably come when you look at how you handle information. What do you do when you need to remember something that’s coming up next month? Next year? Every week? Where do you keep that information? If you find some sort of system that is similar to what you already do, but with more organization, I think that will be the right fit for you.