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It is Just me and my husband right now. We are both full time students and we both work. I decided that simplicity is where Its at right now. we love to make easy meals like chili, quesadillas, stir fry, fajitas. all in like one day (except for the quesadillas) and then freezing them for later! that way it is all one day of mess and the rest are easier for us.

I love all the suggestions! It is true my mom would not tolerate me not eating food I don’t like. I remember my mom making shrimp and I thought I didn’t like shrimp so I cried and fussed. She made me sit there, until I ate something! Everyone was done and had left, the dished were done and I was still sitting there. I am 22 and respect my mom and what she makes for me because I now know how hard it is to plan and cook dinner! especially with ADHD! there is nothing I won’t eat or at least try. Even if I don’t like it. I know it is being polite to eat at least a little. your kids are going to love you even if you make them eat broccoli. I wasn’t happy with my mother in that moment but after awhile I got over it until the next time she cooked something I didn’t like, but I knew I had to eat it.

But you got this! You are a great mom or even caring about them! I can see how much you love your family! don’t over think it the meals or their reactions to them! if people are fussy then they can learn to make their own peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and you can sit down to relax.