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Penny, I’m going to see my doctor on Monday. I discussed this with my therapist yesterday and she said that she found it unusual that Trintellix and Dextro weren’t working together. Suggested that I discontinue dextro and continue Trintellix at 20mg, I’m trying, it’s not easy. I’m wondering if it would be beneficial to adjust meds inpatient because it’s not easy at home. I’ve only lived here for 6 months, we haven’t settled in because alot of furniture was damaged and destroyed by the moving company. I come home to boxes and can’t make sense out of it. My husband and I argue because of these issues and our own issues…. Monitoring my meds has gotten harder at home because it’s just a really confusing place to be. Any thoughts? I appreciate your feedback. Haven’t made any friends here obviously, my meds were changed the day we moved in! No family here either. And my family doesn’t understand mental illness, they don’t go to any doctor and I know my mom has something, but she insists on being tough, “tough” and just not dealing with it. It’s a fruitless effort to confide in my family, and my husband doesn’t understand mental illness either. Feeling alone in all of this.