Reply To: Medication Anxiety

Deb from Philly

Don’t have much time…but your psychiatrist should be willing to medically treat you for anxiety and ADHD….BUT you might not wanna go reading up on those meds too (or anything else regarding your health if that’s your trigger)! …cause you may never stop your problem if you do IMO (And I’m no professional of any sort. I’m just a fellow anxiety person who’s been through lots of therapy). I’ve been treated for many years for panic disorder & just now got diagnosed with ADHD. Better late than never, I guess (age 46). Just started a stimulant 2 weeks ago but my doc still has me on all my anxiety meds. Seems to be working really well so far, as he has me titrating up my own dose until my 1 month check-up. Best of luck in your search for the best answer for you! Only you know what is best for you.