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You don’t sound patronizing. 😉 I appreciate it!

Untidy, granted my kitchen floor is unclean but that’s a whole story. My son is under 2 so while I do try to get him to help tidy his toys, he doesn’t fully understand that concept yet. We don’t leave dangerous things lying around.

My husband says he understands but he doesn’t really. To him, I should be able to get it all done simply by trying harder. He hasn’t said that in so many words but we both know that’s how he feels. It’s gotten to the point where I resent him for it and so now I snap at him when he suggests things. It’s just a mess. He always has these ideas of how “we” could keep the house tidy, but he often doesn’t follow through and gives me a hard time for not following through. (I know I’m making him sound horrible, so keep in mind this isn’t all the time. Just what our fights stem from.) He usually is the one who does the dishes and does help with his laundry if I ask.

With meds, I honestly don’t remember which ones. I know I have the papers somewhere but the switching made it hard to remember. Currently I am off meds (other than antidepressants) because financially we need a break. Our health coverage doesn’t cover them.

With cleaning and cooking I lack the motivation to get started. It’s overwhelming. I make sure my son has a healthy meal but I eat cereal. Or something equally as simple.

The maintaining is where I truly struggle. My organization skills are decent when I get around to it. But I flit from one thing to the next forgetting to clean up what I was last using. 🙈

I am seeing a psychiatrist in Febuary so I’m hoping he will be of more help than the therapist I’ve been seeing at the doctors office.