Reply To: Diagnosed in 20 minutes as not ADHD


Thank you for your responses.

I feel like the trileptal just slows me down. So much so that I do not take it in the morning or I would struggle all day.

I was very hyper as a child. Ran everywhere. Talked a mile a minute. Just wound tighter than a ten day clock.

I’m going to give this trileptal thing until the end of the week and call the clinic I’m dealing with and ask to talk to the Psychiatrist.

To answer a couple of the questions:

I live in Las Vegas.

I had not thought about it but my crashes do come in the winter months. Last year was in the fall, and this year right at the new year.

I really struggle to focus, and it’s hard to tell if I am gaining anything from the trileptal, because it slows me down, so I am able to concentrate a little longer, but I feel like my brain is stuck in mud if that makes any sense.

Yeah I will talk to them again. I would at least like to try ADHD medication, as I was diagnosed with hyperactivity (highly) when I was young, and I think I’ve had that all my life and never been treated.

I want to be able to function at my best, not feel like I am struggling through a haze.

Thanks again for the info. Much appreciated. It was hard to take this step and seek help, so it really means a lot to get some feedback from others.