Reply To: Diagnosed in 20 minutes as not ADHD

Spaceboy 99

Hey there,

Do you have a previous ADHD diagnosis that this person has disregarded, or a separate ‘hyperactivity’ diagnosis? I know you said it above, but I need to be clear on this point. If you have a previous ADHD diagnosis, you need to INSIST that you see the ACTUAL SPECIALIST about going forward with this, to get the appropriate diagnosis and medical treatment. Despite what a lot of non-specialists think, ADHD CAN and DOES persist into adulthood (I’m 27 and I’m only just getting diagnosed as ADHD).

How long have you been taking these meds exactly? I don’t know anything about Bipolar meds, but at least in the case of ADHD meds, if you feel any serious side-effects (lethargy, haziness, etc) then you’re on the wrong meds, and need to try different ones. If you think there MAY be some truth in the Bipolar diagnosis, keep going on your meds for roughly a couple of weeks. If the side-effects persist, and your other symptoms- the ones you want treatment for (you’ve not mentioned what they are)- don’t improve, talk to them about it. If you DON’T think you’re bipolar, I’d argue that you should stop taking the meds immediately, have a word with your GP or family doctor, and demand to see the ACTUAL specialist, as I suggested above. Alternatively, keep taking the meds, but STILL talk to your GP about it. The specialist, if they uphold the Bipolar diagnosis, may refuse to discuss anything else with you or try to diagnose you for something else before you’ve taken one course of these meds. It’s a real shitty way of going about things, but that’s the way some of them work.

On what grounds did the nurse practitioner dismiss your previous diagnosis? If it was on the grounds of ‘That doesn’t carry on into adulthood’ (assuming your previous diagnosis was actually ADHD), then you absolutely HAVE to stop the meds now, and demand to see the specialist, because that simply isn’t true.

If you want to volunteer more information, or have additional questions, please feel free to respond, and I’ll respond as soon as I’m able, though I can’t guarantee that that will be immediate. I wish you the best of luck, going forward.