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I am a 47 year old women that was formally diagnosed c ADHD & anxiety approx 2.5 year’s ago. I have been aware for many yr’s that I have to try harder, deflect c humor, cover, charm & sometimes do odd, seemingly unusual thing’s to live & learn. When I think on my childhood, I recall being around 6 yr’s & impulsively getting off at the wrong bus stop, wandering the streets of Tempe, AZ. feeling so scared. My poor parent’s, lucky I was found by a kind person who helped me get back to our wasn’t just a few off blocks. My 4th grade teacher, in Kingman AZ., humiliated me in front of the class. I remember it so very clearly, feeling like I was stupid & something was wrong c me. I was trying too hard to listen. I was so afraid of being wrong. Back then, after being singled out, I was moved to a special rm. My memories of this time are the other kids that also had challenges or severe IDs. I enjoyed being around them & felt like I had a meaningful role. I don’t recall a lot of interpersonal interaction c adults. They put me on a computer (probably one of the first;). Later in my life, I was able to grad fr HS, went on to get a Social Work degree, & then I got my grad degree in Occupational Therapy. Grad school nearly did me in & here I was c all of these OT professor’s. I made it by the skin of my teeth. I had tutor’s, I sang songs, I made up dance moves to remember anatomy, & I even secretly recorded the Dean meeting c me bi weekly. I have worked so hard throughout my pursuit of education. But everyday is a challenge & when I found this website tonight, I ugly cried. It took me way too long to answer your question. Yes, I believe OT for ADHD can be very helpful. I am trying to OT myself right now;) One thing I’ve found is that the med’s should not stand alone. I know OT’s in school setting’s are very limited c their time & focus only on school specific tasks. I have seen & worked c some incredible OT’s. I worked as an OT student in a grade school in FFX VA-18 yrs ago. Like anything else in this world, there’s good & bad. I remember making a rec to a teacher I was working c who was about to retire. The student had ADHD, his desk- a wreck, he couldn’t stop rocking. I filled up moderately heavy bean bags for back of classrm that could be pulled & encouraged her to allow him to get up & move-wash boards etc. But she refused, explaining to me that it would appear that she was rewarding him for his bad behavior. I want to believe things are better in our school system’s now. My sister’s a teacher & my nephew’s been newly dx c ADHD & anxiety..possibly OCD. She brought him to an outpatient OT and was very disappointed. I would suggest asking experienced Teachers, Special Educators, Principals, Social Worker’s, Neurologist’s, other parents or health professionals if they know of anyone they hold in high regard. Shoot, maybe I need their # too. I wish you the best. This took on a life of it’s own-in true ADHD Combined Presentation. V/R-Shanleigh