Reply To: Generic Adderall


Hello Autumn!

I heard yesterday that in my state Generic Adderall specifically from AUROBINDO PHARMACY (Out of INDIA) is on back order and has been very hard to get month to month since August 2018. STAY AWAY from this one!!! My pharmacy switched me to this one last September and it almost killed me!! I thought I was crazy at first until I sat down a few days ago and started researching my symptoms.

In just a three month period I had ALL these symptoms throughout the week (note that these were side effects I experienced AFTER the drug was out of my system:

~Headaches three to four days a week
~My hands and legs were going numb and tingling.
~My heart was skipping beats.
~Slept from 10pm-9am and could not wake up and/or motivate for the day
~Wake up at 2am after sleeping just four hours.

When I took my meds for the day I felt:
~I couldn’t focus AT ALL
~Some days I felt like I didn’t take it at all. It was so bad that I had to put my script in a daily pill box.
~Didn’t have the desire to go skating which I love

I made several appointments with my doctor to find out what was going on. I was horrified that there were thousands of others out there that were experiencing the same symptoms because of this NASTY GENERIC Adderall made by AEROBINDO Pharmacy.

FINALLY with the help of my physician on 1/11/19 the problem was solved! She switched me to Adderall XR which is still a generic made by a different manufacturer. So it’s covered on my insurance for $30/month. I’m on a low dose: 1 20mg capsule daily and finally my ADHD is in control with no nasty side effects! Hope this helps you. I want to spread the word to help others! Refuse this generic adderall from AEROBINDO PHARMACY at all costs unless you want to die!!