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First, I’m so sorry about her grandmother. With everything she is dealing with that must be SO tough on top of it!

My son is currently on Straterra 40mg, Guanfacine 2mg (am), Guanfacine 1mg (pm), and Buproprin 300mg and is diagnosed ADHD/anxiety. He is 8 (almost 9) and weighs between 65 and 70lbs. It has taken almost 2 years to get this combo so that he is doing well right now, still some anxiety issues(his are mostly social). He was in in patient treatment for 10 days 2 years ago (almost to the date today) and after he was released, we found a great psychiatrist and had a genesight test done. Those two things have been instrumental in finding the right medication combo. We learned that he is resistant to ALL stimulants and most medications he has a reduced efficiency to.

When we were trying to find the right combo and things were out of control (outbursts and such) we were on Olanzapine(antipyscotic) at night, just a small dose (5mg). He did gain some weight and was tired (but he took it at night), but other than that it really helped to “mellow” him out so to speak. We were very nervous about trying it, but in the end I’m glad we did. He was on it for a little over a year while we figured out the “magic” combo treatment and we transitioned off of it with minimal issues. I’m not sure if that is helpful or not, but I hope it helps a little.

We try to not see it as the amount of different medications he is on and how they all work together to help him leave his best day to day life. Of course, it is easier said then done most days.It is hard to do and I constantly have to remind myself that I have his best interest at heart and that he is doing so well.

Good luck!!