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Penny Williams

If it’s a public school in the US, I think they have to be a danger to others to get expelled, but that could vary by school district. Usually, there’s an “alternative” school that they send behavior-problem kids to.

I think using your time and effort to explore why your son is struggling in school would serve you better. Obviously, what you are doing isn’t working, so it’s time to explore something different.

The thing with ADHD is that it makes it nearly impossible for kids to do well in mainstream school, because the school expectations are just about everything that an individual with ADHD struggles with. Instead, kids with ADHD need accommodations and additional help in school. And treatment for ADHD.

Many parents fear a diagnosis for their child, but it’s often necessary to know exactly what you’re dealing with to improve it.

Release Your Fears: A Post-Diagnosis Guide for Parents

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