Reply To: Generic Adderall


Well, here it goes. I was told by my insurance that I had to switch to the name brand Adderall.
So after many calls, because in our state you can’t have the Name Brand. You have to take the generic. So why was my insurance making the change? I was assured by the insurance and even legislators, that my co-pay would be the same. So, was there deals made to make the Adderall cheaper, or is there something else happening that the public isn’t aware of? After some low level Snooping, I found that there wasn’t a deal and that the insurance companies (that means that there are more than JUST MINE) are eating the cost!!!!!! Out of the goodness of their hearts? I don’t think so. So, where is the scandal, and what is wrong with the generic for Adderall? Who knows a good journalist?