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Just wanted to add that with our daughter, success is sporadic. Sometimes a communication technique or other things like eating properly by working out a menu together work at first ,then goes by the wayside, then works again. For example- using notes. About 2/3 of the time I may put a note beside her and briefly say “here’s a list of things to bring to the meet tomorrow” or “here is the housework I need you to complete tonight”, she says “ok” and eventually does the items (sometimes complaining, or saying she is not going to do them, but ends up doing them anyhow). The other 1/3 of the time, same scenario, she grabs the note from my hand, wads it up and tosses it across the room saying rudely “you do it” or other language. It does seem though that gradually she is getting “better”. Keep the faith, your son will get there eventually! It takes a lot of patience and lip-zipping. Try not to take it personally.