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tanya Harding

Here’s the deal with my ADD and birth control. I take BC to manage my perimenopause symptoms and it has really helped with my ADD symptoms too. The biggest change is that this BC makes my vyvance work much better, as well as it did before my hormones got all wonky. This is what I take: I now consider hormones to be an adjust medical treatment for my ADD. Until I started taking this type of BC I didn’t realize how much my hormones were screwing my attention and memory and mood. I don’t want to evangelize this BC pill or anything like that, but I mention it because I haven’t seen my experience reflected elsewhere and I think it may help other people.

My understanding is that this is a new form of progestin, or synthetic progesterone. I wonder if this makes a difference? Perhaps different progestins have different effects both on ADD symptoms and on the effects of stimulant medications? Then there is the ratio of estrogen to progesterone, which changes during the menstrual cycle. Are higher levels or progesterone relative to estrogen, similar to before our periods, worse for ADD? I don’t know.

It’s so hard to tease out the effects of estrogen and different types of progesterones on ADD brains, let alone ADD brains on stimulants. It’s fascinating and so frustrating that I can’t find anything published on the topic. I will say that my psychiatrist didn’t seen surprised that BC helped with my ADD. I met with him the day before I started it and he said something along the lines of, “you may find that you need less vyvance, since an increase in estrogen may make it work better.” I was like, why have I never read this in ANY literature on ADD???