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tanya Harding

Can we get this discussion started again? It is so hard to find info on ADD and peri/menopause. My story, very briefly: I’m 43 about a year ago I realized that my vyvance wasn’t working as well, and that i was waking up at night, and that my hair was getting thinner….Eventually my period suddenly got all wonky and I could tell something was off. I went to my primary care doctor and she did some tests to rule out other conditions and we both figured out that I was in there very early stages of perimenopause. I started taking birth control pills (the generic form of Yaz) and my brain is working SO MUCH BETTER now. I didn’t realize how much my fluctuating hormone levels impacted my cognitive function and ADD symptoms. My Vyvance works so much better now. I suddenly have my verbal skills again. My brain is back. I missed it! I now consider hormone therapy to be an adjunct therapy for ADD (at least for me).

I think women with ADD my experience the menopausal transition differently from other more neurotypical women. I wish there was more published on the topic. In the last two years, the treatment standards for menopausal hormone therapy have changed and we have more options now.