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I have a little notebook (Field Notes, well made, small, durable) with me in my handbag at all times. Notes on the go – right there.

And I have my Bullet Journal never more than 3 feet from me at home or work, with a pen clipped to it. My method of making notes is far from ‘pure’ bullet journal and OMG, I am so not artistic. I find something online and print it out and paste it in for a monthly spread. For the weekly, I take a ruler, draw 6 horizontal lines on the left page, add M T W TH F S S and the dates and whatever must happen on particular days. The right hand page I use for my things, both little and small, to do that week. And if I want to turn over from this week’s spread and make a list – books to read, planned home improvement, whatever – I do it. I add it to the Table of Contents (or Index) at the front.


The idea of a Bullet Journal is based on Benjamin Franklin’s “commonplace” book, or what the Italians call a Zibaldone. It’s all your thoughts, in one place. Because I’m a huge Sherlock fan, I call it my Mind Palace.