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I’m a therapist with ADHD-inattentive type (ADD.) If you fear medication for some reason, see what coffee does for him. If you add cream and sugar, he’ll like it. Otherwise, tea or Mountain Dew soda pop also contain caffeine. One mother recently told me she even uses coffee to get him to go to bed.
Most ADHD medications are amphetamines, in a small dose. Some are time-release. Because nearly all have been around forever, they are not patented and are usually cheap, other than a brand name, which also has a generic like it.

If for some reason you avoid amphetamines, there is a brand called Strattera. It is not an abusable drug, meaning one can’t get “high” by taking an overdose. It is also expensive, because though it recently became out of patent, and there should be a generic (atomoxetine) the insurance companies persuaded Medicaid and Medicare to put it on tier 4 (meaning you don’t need it and there’s something cheaper.) I do need it, because amphetamines increase my blood pressure.
Hope this helps.
E. E. Douglas, M.Ed. LPC LMFT