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I had a similar problem when my son was in kindergarten. He went to a charter school because they boosted that their learning style was “fit to the individual” which i knew he needed because he has a hard time focusing. We set a meeting with the teacher, wrote an IEP and watched this teacher take notes on his behaviors. Finally school started and after the 1st day he would cry and tell me he didnt want to go back to the “mean” teacher, so one day i stayed to see what was going on (i was nervous and i hate confrontation) while i was there the teacher showed me his behavior she deemed unacceptable. It was literally him talking to the kid next to him and they choose the same book and slightly fought for it, very minor no hitting just a small struggle for his behaviors and he ended up giving the book to the other kid. But while i watched this she was saying to me ” see, look at that, he’s hurting the other kid, he cant be around the class, i think we should isolate him. Give him his own desk away from all the kids, and make him sit outside the circle during circle time” I didnt even know what to do, i knew he would be crushed because he loves his peers and i couldnt think or understand this teacher. I ended up only making it to my car before i broke down in tears. I called his dad after and told him everything. He ended up taking an early day and dropped by the school an hour after i left. He called me and informed me that when i left our son started crying, they put him in a corner and left him there for 40 minutes without notifying us of his distress or trying to calm him. Once i heard that i called the school told them i was picking him up and informed them we would be leaving their school and going to our local public school.

Sorry that was long, but if you and child are uncomfortable about it remove them, seek a new teacher or a new school. I didn’t even think these were really options until my son started having problems in class. Since then we’ve been through 2 teachers and just the one school change. Our school now is willing to work with us on just about everything but i know not every school is like this.

You can also call the school and see what they offer as far as behavioral teachers and programs. My son has a few teachers that help him through class on really bad days and the school gave us info/ a resource woman if we have questions or need more information on something.