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Hi! Long story but my husband was diagnosed (ADD) as an adult shortly after our first child was born in 2005. He tried meds and didn’t really follow through. I just became the wife that did everything for him and ultimately I became his enabler. Honestly, I didn’t know enough about ADHD to even know what that would look like in a marriage, only that I was frustrated that I didn’t have an active partner. Fast forward many years and our middle child, 7, was just diagnosed with ADHD – Inattentive type. We had tried epsom baths, magnesium, essential oils, visual cues, positive parenting, omegas, diet changes…you name it. He is off the charts smart but can’t write a sentence even after he’s told me what he plans to write. He was completely non functional at school and falling behind. We tried accommodations with minimal improvement. We started medicine and after a trial with Concerta it was not a good fit (mood swings, aggression, incessant fidgeting) we switched to Vyvanse and the change was astonishing. He is a different kid. I can’t even tell you. He does have issues with eating and he is also little. We do a lot of protein shakes and I make his dinner later when he’s more hungry and we also do a bedtime snack. When he says he’s hungry, I let him eat. When he pushes dinner away, I do not force him to eat. We monitor his weight weekly and we’ve been able to recover those first 1-2 lbs we saw drop after a month on medicine. He takes melatonin to help him sleep. After all the research I’ve done, my husband agreed to also begin medication and he is also taking Vyvanse and it’s helping quite a bit. My 13 yo daughter was also just diagnosed (cannot believe we missed it, it looks SO different in girls) and she is also taking Vyvanse. She said she finally feels awake and that her whole life she felt exhausted. Life can be so hard with ADHD and it sounds like you are doing all you can on your end. If you try meds and don’t like them, you can try another until you find a good fit or stop altogether. I felt SERIOUS mom guilt for medicating my child until I saw my little boy, present and happy and confident. We were not able to achieve that without medicine.