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The internet in my area isn’t super-reliable (issues with the provider and that is our only option…) so I bought a Day-Timer with each month on 2 facing pages and notes/action spaces along one side and lined on the back. It is big enough to not get easily lost in a pile of stuff and looks professional (I attached a tiny rubber chicken to the zipper-closure for “personality”).… Oh, yeah, the zipper closes the whole thing up so things won’t fall out! It should last for years, but the pages get replaced so if one style doesn’t work I can try another but don’t have to start 100% new every year. I remove old months as I am done with them/notes rewritten on designated pages, so that about the time I should be thinking about getting a refill, the binder has become noticeably lighter triggering in my brain to actually go buy the refill.

Stickers sound like fun, but I need to keep things as simple as possible. I tried a “cute” notebook, but I prefer the streamlined approach- nothing to distract me or make me feel weird about. Carrying a glitter notebook into any job interview isn’t for me, but the rubber chicken (or his replacement) is a nice dose of artistic spunk.