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As an adult diagnosed and on medication since 2017, I would say that given your child is still developing, to first try all other alternatives. Its no coincidence that many children get diagnosed around the ages of 7/8 as this is when the challenges arise at school. This speaks more to the structure of the school system rather than a problem with the child. I was once told that adhd is a problem when the individual had to fit into a system, so my first suggestion would be to see how much of the environment can be changed. If adjustments can be made at school that would be the first prize. There’s little research on the long term impact of stimulants on the developing brain, and the research out there points to an increase in depression. I would say when medication is desperately needed such as in senior school/university and the majority of the brain development has happened to then introduce medication. Also it seems that lower doses of medication is more effective than higher doses for inattentive type. In the meantime helping your child learn scheduling and task management to better manage tasks. Also I found using slow release medication like concerta to minimise the side effects such as mood swings and lack of appetite, and prepare nutrient rich meals so that small meals pack a punch. Well done for catching it early, this means your child has the best chance of a good outcome. Wishing you all the best 🙂