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I have tried many different planners, and spent a lot of money trying to figure out what works, and it is a very personal thing. Our brains – even all ADHD brains work slightly differently as we all have different motivators.
I have used the Bullet Journal longest. I like how flexible it is, and yes I do write my month out in calendar form, but if I’m pressed for time I have just printed one out on Excel (which I use to make many other forms that I use in my BuJo and elsewhere) to glue or tape in.

I don’t worry about creative stuff unless I want to or have time. Most of the time I don’t, I have a sketch book for that. I have used it the longest now 4 months. I had to come up with the right way for me. I suggest going to or Youtube and search it up – as Ryder makes it very simple and encourages you to do what works for you. The Bullet Journal also has the Bullet Journal companion app which is only 3.89 and it only keeps stuff for 72h – the point is to use it when you don’t have your book on you, and to reflect in the am and pm to make sure you’re on top of it – which it also has a reminder for that you can set. I find even if I don’t use the log in the app every day, I use the reflection reminder to also remind me to check in with my BuJo at night.

I also use my google calendar as I can sync it no matter whether at work or on my phone. I have separate calendars in my google calendar to separate home from work and can share others’ calendars at work (which we used internally).

I use certain Excel sheets to track my self care routine and my symptoms, as I’m ADHD and Bipolar 2. If anyone is interested in checking out this sheet, you can email me at, I can also create something or help you learn to use Excel if this would be useful. I am actually an adult learning facilitator.

Good luck finding what works for you!!