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congratulations! It sounds like you have a wonderful son that will do amazing things in life. I am not going to make a suggestion, but give you my experience as an untreated, gifted child and as a medicated adult.

I believe there is something to be said about not medicating a child that is performing adequately. This helps a child learn to adapt, develop their own set of tools and methods, and ultimately provide some of the reasons that I say your son will do amazing things.

That said, once I began medication as an adult, it made me realize how physically exhausting it was for me to attempt to complete the basic daily tasks in life and how quickly I would explode on people in challenging situations. Some of my strengths, developed as an untreated child, make me a valuable asset as an adult. I multi task very efficiently. I think outside the box for solutions. I am willing to take risks after quickly assessing the possible outcomes and weighing the risk/benefit. I won’t accept “you CAN’T accomplish that.” That was the assessment given to me when I sought qualification for special testing accommodations. I received the necessary accommodations and would love to find that “clinician” and provide a poster of me (a woman) in my cap and gown with my BSME diploma.

You will make the best decision you can. And just because you choose one path now, doesn’t mean you can’t choose a different path later. Good luck.