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My son has inattentive type as well, he’s nine and it was September of 2018 I started him on adderall 5mg Extended Release. The 10mg made him an emotional wreck- and he’s emotional as it is so that was no good. He needed super simple directions, such as #1 Write your name on the paper #2 Find the math problem…. etc. starting on medication was super helpful for him to develope the motions of doing things. Before meds he would just stare at his paper and couldn’t get started. It helped him build a routine and get back on track. He has been off this year but I plan to start him on on them again after the break, again, only so he can developers good working habits.

I tried omegas and supplements. Nothing helped that greatly. I did switch my parenting style to all positive reinforcement and took out negative reinforcement and started a routine board which he would fill out and put magnets on every morning and afternoon. This helped him a lot. In the beginning it was simple stuff such as brush your hair, brush your teeth, eat breakfast… he was so Stacy in the mornings he couldn’t even do those tasks without reminders. Now he does his entire morning and afternoon routine on his own and his board has evolved to more complex tasks. He also would earn a night at Dave and Busters if he could complete the board for an entire week without missing steps. Lots and lots of positive reinforcement.