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I don’t have all of the answers, since I am struggling also, but one app I LOVE is Cozi! The best part is that you can access it from your phone or PC, and your entire family can also access it in real time. That way everyone knows what is scheduled when. You can tag each person a different color, so you know who’s appt it is, as well as where and other notes. It can be repeating. Also, there is a section for notes and lists, especially grocery lists, so items can be added on the fly, or when you think of them.
This works awesome for most of my “life”, but at work I have so many projects, daily, weekly, monthly, and special, that I feel like I am always forgetting something. I just don’t know how to track them in a way that I don’t forget them. I would appreciate any ideas!
Heather, Pharmacist, manager, mom of 3, and in process of adopting 3 more, ages 1,2,11,13,14, and 15.