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Hello Everybody…new to the group….first post

I have been taking Adderall for about 6 months. I am a middle age adult and this is my first experience with ADD/ADHD medications. I was starting a new involved job and I wanted to be at my best during the 2 month training period and for the first 6-12 months. My MD started me on 10mg of IR Adderall 2 times a day. The first brand I got at my local CVS was made by Sandoz. The med seemed good and helped me concentrate, stay focused and digest all this new technical information I would need to know to sell these systems and products. On month two he upped me to 20mg 2 times a day. I went to the same CVS and received the dreaded Aurobindo brand. My wife had an issues many years ago with Aurobindo Soma which is a muscle relaxant. The Aurobindo brand was horrible and almost seemed like a placebo compared to other generics she had used. Believe it or not the Aurobindo Adderall was not complete garbage. Now some of this may be because I went from 10mg to 20mg twice a day. The Aurobindo brand did not seem as smooth as the Sandoz brand. It came on fast and seemed to drop off fast. On my next visit to CVS they gave me 20mg of Activis. The Activis seemed good and close to Sandoz in quality and strength. On my next visit they gave me Sandoz again. Yesterday I was lucky enough to receive 20mg of the Teva brand that I had heard so many good reviews about. The cost was higher with my insurance co-pay. I am guessing this is related to many pharmaceutical companies raising the cost of their medications up to 10% for 2019. The Teva brand seemed good and probably the best generic so far. The medication also has a pleasant taste like candy. I must say besides the Aurobindo brand which was a little like riding a roller coaster the difference for me was fairly minimal between the various companies. I realize everybody reacts differently to medication and the fillers and binders that make the pill. I would like to try the name brand Adderall sometime. If it cost more than $300 for 60 20mg tabs with my insurance then maybe someday. I read somebody was paying $700 for a one month supply of the name brand. No thanks!

On a side not I did try a 40mg dose of Vyvance from a friend and liked the balanced feel over about 8 hours. I have mentioned Vyvance to my doctor and he seems to like Adderall for my conditions. He mentioned the price of Vyvance being high and that once you take the pill there is no turning back for the day. Not sure if it is worth pushing him next month to try 30mg or 40mg of Vyvance for a month. Any feedback from the group would be most appreciated. Overall I have been very happy with how this medication has helped me stay focused and on track. It has also helped my memory and time management throughout my work day and free time with my family.