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I was going to say the same thing! Why can’t the kids just not get a choice. Or have two choices and they pick one or they sit at the table til everyone else is done. Leftovers will save time, too. If anyone has a problem with that, they can make their own dinner and do their own shopping!

Why are you the only one doing grocery shopping if you’re not a full-time stay home parent? That’s ridiculous. I mean, maybe your hubby works more or something, fair enough. But if you’re both working full time it sounds like it’s time to share the workload around the house.

Other suggestions that are more immediately helpful: get a vacuum sealer! They are well worth the $100-$200. Buy stuff in bulk and when you make dinner, make extra and vacuum seal it. You can keep stuff fresh in the fridge for a week and/or freeze for the future.

Have a simple dinner template: meat with sauce, veggie, starch or whatever works for you and fill in the blanks every day.

Plan two or three days in advance. So Saturday plan for M-W dinner and MAKE A LIST of every single thing you need to buy for those dinners. Organize your list in the order you walk through the store so you don’t get distracted and aimless (I know this struggle well) then shop. Then Tuesday repeat for TH-SUN.

But really, this should not all fall on you! Try and let go of people-pleaser tendencies and the Mom guilt. Your kids will be fine and healthy, even if they’re picky eaters, if you love them and give them good life skills. Go easy on yourself and ask your partner for help. Maybe you swap chores every other week or something. Good luck!