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Sorry you are also going through this 🙁 So far this week I feel like the complementary vitamins and oils are helping:

Omega 3 Fish Oil — Both my kids LOVE this kind and ask for it because it’s so tasty: Barlean’s Omega Swirl
Magnesium supplement (100 mg.) given in the evening
Oil diffuser bracelet (leather) that I put some “calming” and “focusing oils” on it. Lavendar, Frankinsense, Vetiver. I don’t know if this really helps but it’s a good way to get him to stop, take a deep breathe and think about what he has to do next.

Oil “Focus” Roller: 10 drops each of: Lavender, Frankincense, Vetiver and Cedarwood oil topped with fracionated coconut oil. I put it along his spine and back of the neck. Just trying it out but don’t know how it’s working because we are off school right now.

I am also much more focused on making sure he is getting enough protein — Especially at breakfast. We have also being more patient with him and giving him one task at a time. When I ask him to do something, I try and get down and make eye contact with him and have him repeat back to me what he’s going to do.

I will say this, we are not in school right now because it’s winter break. However, his at home his behavior seems really improved. He went from getting multiple time outs per day to getting none. I hope that is helpful to you and your family!