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My “Affordable” Care Act insurance is pretty useless for mental health meds. I use – they negotiate good prices with the pharmacies and pass them on to folks at no cost. I wouldn’t be able to stay on my own meds without them. I just go go their site every month and look up my med (generic ritalin in my case). I then get a listing of pharmacies with the price discounts offered… I print out the coupon and head out to the cheapest place. My hubby figured the pharmacies participate because it’s a way to get folks in the store (and then spending money on stuff besides ‘scrips). I just looked up 120 tablets of 10 mg generic Adderal, and it costs $68.48 at Walgreens through Goodrx. More than $10, but way better than $795. I’ve never had a problem with them and highly recommend them… you don’t have to sign up for anything and it’s a free service. Good luck to you.