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Hi Everyone!

I’m so relieved I found this post. I’m in a similar situation as the OP. I was recently fired from a job as a payroll professional for frequently being late (10-45 mins averg) and due to performance issues. It was extremely disappointing as I told my boss in my initial interview that I have ADD and in order for me to be successful I need 10-15 minutes at the beginning of the day to write out my to-do list and be allowed to take short notes on new processes. She said she understood and that wouldn’t be an issue. However by my 2nd week my co-worker (team lead) started to become frustrated and speeding thru instructions for new processes. I tried to remind them numerous times that I have ADHD and to have a little patience with me but that was completely ignored.

What’s worse is I’ve been in the Accounting profession for over 10 years and in payroll positions for the last 5. I know how to do payroll very well (imo) and I know the payroll software like the back of my hand. My was at my previous job for over 3 years and did pretty well for the most part. My prior manager was very understanding of my ADHD and allowed me to work from home often or come in on my own schedule as long as the work was done. I left because I was frustrated after being with the company and never receiving a single rate increase (neither did the others in our dept. some in over 10 years) meanwhile new employees in other departments were given yearly raises. I left hoping to find a more positive environment and greater pay. The company I was fired from seemed to do a bait and switch from the reasons I was told they hired me for.

So now I’m going on 2.5 months unemployment and struggling to apply for jobs in fear the same thing will happen. I don’t know if I should let potential employers know about my ADHD. I don’t want them thinking I’m trying to use it as an excuse and want them to understand I’m an extremely hard worker. I’d love to hear any advice on what to do. Right now I’m working on rewriting my resume using professional templates I purchased, reading self help books about ADHD (though it’s been a struggle to complete any due to distractions or boredom). Also, I’m taking Vyvanse which seems to be working best out of previous medications but I’m thinking my dose my be a bit low. Anyway I’m rambling, thank you in advance for your help I’m looking forward to hearing from you.