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Hi J,
I believe that one-on-one peer support is hugely beneficial. I am a mature adult with ADHD symptoms and believe that I have a firm understanding of anxiety, marriage issues, and frustrations with ADHD related issues. I am also currently in a masters in psychology program and believe that knowledge is power so would be happy to impart any evidence-based findings or conjectures that may, or may not, be of benefit to your specific challenges.
If you would like to engage in peer telephone support, I would be happy to be your ADHD peer partner. Having travelled much of the territory you seem to be travelling, I hope that I may be of some support to you, albeit via phone conversations, possibly using What’s app to avoid LD phone charges, or facetime or other alt method. At the very least I would be happy to chat with you about my experiences or hear out our situation and offer a third party perspective from someone who has travelled some of the terrain you task yourself with.
Thank you kindly,
p.s. If you would like to text me, please do so at 647-524-8801