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Ella C

You poor thing! I have have similar struggles with self doubt.

I remember getting my first real job. I had no idea how I would do it and I felt inferior and un-capable. Those first few weeks were hard for me due to me being so nervous, but I got the hang of it! I also was nervous about the social aspect of the job and being different and not fitting in. I kind of kept to myself for the first few months, but then I started testing the waters with socializing with my coworkers at work. I was surprised by how I was accepted despite my fears and differences.

I have taken and SSRI in the past and it did help my social anxiety some, but for me personally the most helpful thing was pushing myself gradually out of my comfort zone (which I worked on with my therapist). I don’t take the SSRI anymore, but I do believe it gave me the boost I needed to start getting myself out there and to start making changes in my life.

Do know that the right kind of people will love and accept you for who you are. They will grow to accept and love your quirks because they make you unique and who you are. And the people who don’t do this are not worth your time anyways. 🙂