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Ella C

Hello! I am currently a college student and I have struggled with innatentive type ADD my whole life.

I now use medication, but didn’t start using it until I was 16 years old. I started the medication because school was getting to the point where I couldn’t keep up like I used to (even using all the tricks I had used over the years to help accommodate) and I was getting very unhappy and frustraighted. I was at the point of ACT tests and the amount of anxiety looming of focusing for an entire 4 hour test as well as the pressures of college became not worth it. I don’t regret starting medicine but I also don’t regret waiting until I was older to start it.

I take adderall. I started off on 15 milligrams of instant release only when I really needed it. Eventually once I got into senior year I had to start taking it daily.

It is working excellently and I am satisfied with it. I plan to get off of it once I am out of school and settled in my full time job.

My side effects were typical, but due to me being inattentive type, people didn’t notice it causing much of a change in my personality (this is most likely because I’m not particularly hyperactive). I had dry mouth and some sleep issues. I get somewhat cranky when it wears off, but not so bad as some! Probably the biggest thing for you to watch would be his not being hungry. I’ve personally noticed this to be more of a problem in boys than girls. Working his eating schedule around the medication could help with this. Big breakfasts before taking the medication are always a good idea as well as having a big dinner when it wears off in the evening.

I did a lot of things that were helpful to accommodate before Taking medication. Especially when I was your son’s age. My mom also used essential oils occasionally. We came up with all different strategies to accommodate my ADD from a young age and they really did help! Stuff like breaking tasks into small chunks helped me. I ate a balanced diet and for awhile and my mom withheld artificial food dyes and preservatives from my diet which was incredibly helpful! (My mom was asked what medication we were using not long after we made the switch because the behavioral changes were so dramatic)

When I was younger my mom would sit in the room while I was doing my homework and would use simple reminders to catch me from spacing out or getting off track. Her doing that saved me a lot of time in the long run!

That’s a little piece of my story if it helps at all. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have! You sound like an excellent mom and I’m sure you will make a well informed, good decision for your son. 🙂

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