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I have this problem. One of the jobs I could do where my ADHD symptoms were pretty invisible was an EMT/Firefighter. I did that for six years and now I wake up in the middle of the night in a state of full alertness with the sense I urgently need to act. This happens upwards of seven times a night, depending. Sometimes burst out crying when my mind revisits some of the horrible things people do to eachother while I’m like driving or doing something completely unrelated. I jump to my feet if I hear bells or certain frequencies of beeping and need to pace for a while before my nerves chill down. I have to keep my phone on vibrate. I feel like my inner monologue is an authority figure shouting me down while I work.

I have no advice for making this better. Other than talk to a professional. I’m bad at keeping appointments so I get diagnosed and never show up again. So be good at following up with that! Haha

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