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i feel your frustration. i identify with the inability to keep it all together at home and at work, and while your doctors are using you as a human guinea pig deciding their treatments, your life and productivity is going down the tubes!
I finally found a great Doctor Who is willing to work with me with a specific treatment plan and it’s fantastic!
My son was also diagnosed with ADHD and my struggles with his doctor and medicaid make me want to tear my hair out! I have so much anxiety every single month when I try to refill his medication because it’s always a struggle And I always end up feeling like i am being judged.
With me, i have my prescheduled monthly appointment the same day, same time. I bring my prescription to the same pharmacy and pick up my meds at the same day, same time, NO ISSUES!
To get my sons meds, he can only see the doctor for a med check once every 3 months. So i call the doctors office on a monday morning. the receptionist gives the message to the nurse who usually Forget to give the message to the doctor until I called back again On Monday afternoon. Then they tell me that my son is not due for his refill until Tuesday and they will send the prescription on Tuesday. I will wait and wait for the pharmacy to tell me on Tuesday That the medication is ready until Tuesday afternoon to find out that the doctor never sent it over. then I will have to argue with the people at the doctors office that he needs his medication in order to go to school and can they please send it over to the pharmacy. Then I will call the pharmacy to find out that the doctors office finally Sent over the prescription but The insurance will require the doctors office to send over A prescription referral so I will then talk to the receptionist all over again and beg them To make sure the nurse actually sends the referral which could take up to 48 hours for the insurance to process, and then I have to keep calling the pharmacy multiple times asking if the referral has been sent… And finally when the referral is sent and the pharmacy gets it, they then have to order the medication because they cant keep it in stock. So usually by Friday, after I am in tears for four days, and my son hasn’t had medication for three, we are able to pick up his pills.
I just don’t understand why it has to be such a hassle every single month!