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I tried the Bullet Journal and loved it for a while! But when I had to draw out the whole calendar for the third month, I started to get annoyed with having to build my journal from scratch. I really don’t have time or energy for that. I still use my BuJo for daily to do lists and such, but not as a regular planner or as intended.

I keep big events (birthdays, travel, appointments and things that need reminders) in a regular calendar app on my phone. But, I have to have a paper planner. Something about turning the pages and having something to physically write on helps me internalize the concept of time (which I don’t really feel naturally. It’s always now. 🙂

One that I love and think is so beautiful is the Katie Daisy on the go weekly planner. The pages are so pretty and different, and I think that would really keep me engaged in using it. I’m in school right now and really need a full
page per day to manage my schedule, otherwise, this would be my every day planner for sure! I wish she made a page a day one! Plus it’s less than $10, which is cool.

Right now, I’m using InnerGuide’s Goal and Success Planner: Life Coach in a book. I’m still working through the beginning pages, but I like how goal oriented and reflective it is. More like a workbook/planner. Because it’s more interactive (and only 3 months), I’m hoping I can stick with/finish it. I struggled with goal planning last semester, and this planner is so detailed, I think it’ll help keep me on track.

I’ve pretty much realized that no one planner will be the magic thing that makes me understand time. Even planners built for/by ADHD brains. My brain just doesn’t “get” time. So, I need to switch planners every few months to stay engaged and organized. It’s cool. Learning a new system is always fun and novel anyway. 🙂

Best of luck to you!