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Something like 82% of those with Adhd have an insecure attatchment style.
Something to do with early interactions party from differences in kid but also a lot of it dealing with parents as they are products of their up bringing.

I have had issue moving on as I noticed I have an anxious avoidant or fearful avoidant attatchment style and happen to find myself in a family of 2 narsasiatic parents with narsasiatic sounds.

Boy was I in a bubble,

Life makes a whole lot more sense when you connect attatchment to your relationships and also how addicted you are to technology and even how your treatments is working not working.

Medicine can treat Adhd, it can’t treat attatchment issues which can be truly messed crazy.

Walls where kicked in, doors kicked down and all sorts of stuff happened inmy house growing up.

It took me till now to realize it really wasn’t that I was some angry kid, I had the emotional energy that anyone with Adhd has, the odd was learned behavior from having a anxious-resistant attatchment style along with existing in a family that don’t validate you.

The biological correlate to family love is that of attatchment

Attatchment is being – soothed- seen (validated emotionally) – and secure.

If there are issues there. Yeah.

I think too we have often tried to medicate attatchment issues away without truly understanding them.