Reply To: Concerta Generic


The switch from Vyvanse to Concerta was an insurance issue.

The doctor is actually a Nurse Practitioner. November 1 my insurance expired and we had to go on the exhcange. Being on shrink wasn’t covered, the practice gave use a nurse practitioner, though I’m not happy with it and am trying to find a pediatric psychiatrist. She clearly has no insight into a child with ADHD and at our her first appointment said to me “she looks like a fine girl.” (For the record, my daughter has a file a mile high, at one point was impulsively stealing credit cards and all kinds of things. She also has learning issues and we go to a special school for that.)

I can already tell this nurse is going to be problematic for other issues. As I said, I’m looking and frutrated.

Question…… Does Vyvanse have a genetic? If so, are there issues with the Generic of Vyvanse?