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Sam k

I just turned 40 this month and was assessed a few weeks back, I have been referred to an adhd and autism specialist as the assessor thinks I have mild autism too. All my life has been complete and utter hell inside my head. Hormones definitely make me worse, i am pretty sure hormonal changes during adolescence triggered the adhd/asd althoguh I think the problems were there even during childhood.
I had my first baby age 24, second age 28, the hormonal changes turned me into a zombie, I had the worst post natal depression too.
Menstruation makes my symptoms worse too, I feel complete and utter despair.
I am now waiting to speak to a doctor and hopefully can get the right meds, in the past I have taken antideprssants, they don’t work on

I know it’s going to be difficult as the hormonal changes go in for 9 months plus several months after he baby is born. Look at ways of managing your symptoms, whether you take meds or not is your choice, I personally wouldn’t. Looking back I felt I was never a “complete” mum (I still feel this way, the kids are 15 and 11 now) I didn’t ask for help either from family and they weren’t understanding,they didn’t even see me sinking into depression, I needed practical support for them but just carried on as “normally” as possible.
You are not alone, I really feel for you and completely understand how you feel x😊

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