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Okay, let’s just do as if…
I start with watering the plants, because they otherwise die, but in order to give the orchids water I need a clean sink, so I start with the dishes. I put on outdoor clothes . Than I get my screwdriver out of the car and try to fix the hoover robot, I take all stuff from the floor of the corridor, in the kitchen for a while and let it hoover the corridor or if I don’t get it fixed I do it with my old hoover. I take the paper and glass to the recycle bins two streets further. Then getting the floor empty of the living room and kitchen, hoovering, then find a cleaning cloth and clean the toilet. Empty the table. If I shut the door of my sleeping room my stepmother will not see the mess there. I have to find old inner bike tubes to bind the roses. Tomorrow morning I go to the horses and muck out and return with the ladder and some wire, so I can bind the roses to the wall and clip them.

Okay, let’s start!!