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Maybe I should add, that maybe now people are not reading this, but I really would like to get a ‘mate’ or ‘buddy’ or I don’t know how you call that in english, but someone to send a message to when I need to start tot do something and tell exactly what I start with and what I would like to have finished in half an hour and than really start and than come back to that person and say if I did it. That would really motivate me. Maybe it would motivate someone else to and I could be the person to whom you tell what you would like to start with, because that helps you to really start.

I’m 42 years old and I live on my own (with my cat and chickens) in Amsterdam, combine two jobs (in total over fulltime) as a teacher in biology and Dutch for foreigners and some physics, a second master of education (a study for which I pay money, but I’m not doing anything) and the care of my three icelandic horses (including taking care of mucking out, fences, hoofs etc). I normally manage quite well, despite my ADD combined type / being verbally and in terms of perception and logics gifted, but weak in terms of working memory and data processing speed. At the moment another problem is, I have thousands of piles of paper on the floor of my bed room, on my desk, on the table of the living room, mainly tests and school materials which don’t have a place to store them or any way of ordering. I don’t know how to organise them. Since there are bookshelves full of such unorganised piles from earlier years of teaching.. So I try not to be at home since I can’t stand the mess and I’m quite often desperately looking for something and come to late to work with pupils complaining and stress etc.

I really hope there is someone who can help me to get started at that very moment, since in the past I would at that moment go to my flat mate and tell him ‘I want to start know with my studies (or whatever), let’s see, I think the first step is that I start … and than … and I hope I get that finished, so I will tell you in half an hour and then I really wanted to show him and myself I was serious and would start directly. I really miss such a motivator.