Reply To: lonely College Life

Ella C

UPDATE: Things get better!

Hey y’all this is me, Ella (I just forgot my log in for this account so I’m on a new one) I just felt the need to post an update to this story to show anyone else who may be experiencing what I experienced that things can change for the better that that there is ALWAYS hope.

I just completed my Fall semester of Sophomore year, and I feel like a new person!

Towards the end of my freshman year someone on my floor reached out to me. They invited me to join them for weekly community service and encouraged me to attend floor events, even offering me a place to ride in the car. They made me feel welcome and wanted in the community and that gave me the confidence to reach out more in other areas as well.

I left that year with a lot of hope and my mental health continued to improve over the summer.

Even though we were in different buildings this year, that person who reached out to me freshman year became my best friend. I learned that he had experienced a lot of the same things as me and we were able to be there for each other in a lot of different ways.

My improved confidence and mental health motivated me to reach out in other areas as well. I grew closer to the people I did service with and became a more regular member of my clubs. I am also set to live with some amazing girls from my major in an apartment next year.

I actually was sad when I had to leave for winter break because I loved being at school so much now. I still have areas I am working on, but my life has turned around.

So that’s my update! Sometimes things in college start out rocky, but they can always get smoothed out. Never give up hope and always keep trying. ☺️