Reply To: Concerta in 2018


I’m so glad I found this post as I was going to just post something….
we just changed insurances. In Short, my son is allergic to vyvanse so we tried methylphenidate/ Concerta. After reading this website, I realized that he was getting the mallickrodt version. He did OK but his appetite suffered and seemed short term. I made a huge issue and the pediatrician called in brand name concerta. no problem, we had good insurance and my son did great on it. we had to change insurance and now concerta is $289 per month. we paid the first month because we felt like we had no choice. now a refill has come up and its $305. I’m desperately looking for a generic comparable to the concerta delivery system. Seems like we should be requesting the Actavis generic form? thank you – I will call pharmacy now……