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Huh What Ooo

These generics are nothing like the originals. Sandoz was like I never took it, Core was like a punch in the face, rough caffeine like feeling ending with a hard crash, sometimes feeling super sleepy after hitting my system. Teva seems the smoothest with little transition feelings.

I have not tried the others for fear they don’t work and then be screwed for a month wasting g money. I do not have insurance, but I use Blink. 30mg X2 costs me just under $53 a total win, except… I have to make sure at pickup that’s what been filled. I forget to call pharmacy to check prior. Been on a good run with Wal-Mart. Still not every pharmacy doesn’t except Blink.

For the pharmacies that will order the brand you want, you will pay more. It just seems like they are playing roulette with our lives. To my knowledge, Teva is the one with the original formula, but it doesn’t feel the same. I’ve taken other drugs, various dosages, multiple extended med breaks and it should feel like a shiny new car when I restart, but no.