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Diagnosed with ADHD since young age I’m 25 now been on meds til after high school doctor thinks I grew out of it but I never felt I did. Anyways back to the topic. Dated a girl one time for 3 years she knew of my ADHD like you said after awhile she got tired of it argued a lot tried to make things work looking back though she wasn’t right for me anyways. My struggles in relationships now are I get with someone get bored wanna move on to something else. Currently in a relationship with a girl who has ADHD so we kind of understand each other and the symptoms we have. The symptoms that drive me crazy is my mind never stops,forgetfulness, focus, impatient, always in a hurry, sitting still which is embarrassing because people prolly think I’m a crackhead or on drugs(hyperactive). People don’t “get” our struggles with this illness, maybe your ex knows someone with ADHD/ADD sibling or family? Still not right for him to throw it in your face for points.